Do you know to change your skin color?


Melanin is a dark pigment generated by melanocytes in the skin that gives skin its natural color. Melanocytes in your skin create more melanin after being exposed to damaging sunlight to protect your skin from UV radiation. A tan indicates that your skin has been exposed to harmful UV radiation. Tanning is your skin is an attempt to protect itself from further harm, thus it is far from healthy. You can as well use buy tanning injections.

The primary distinction between white and black skin is how melanin is packaged and processed by your skin. Dermatologists classify patients into skin types based on how their skin reacts to UV radiation.

Can you train your skin to tan?

There is no way to safely train your skin to tan. I usually advise patients to apply sunscreen with a high factor of SPF50 and strong UV protection. You can tan with high factor protection whether you want to or not. The aim is to limit UV damage and to avoid severe sunburn.

There are several products on the market that claim to increase tanning. You can buy tanning injections, Tanning pills, or tanning accelerators that contain substances such as beta-carotene and tyrosine, an amino acid that promotes the body’s natural tanning process. This can also be got from natural sunburns.

Is spray tan safe?

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is the active ingredient in artificial tanning lotions. When applied to the skin, it causes a chemical reaction inside the amino acids found in the skin’s outer dead layers, resulting in a darkening effect. Because these products primarily impact dead cells, there is no indication of any health hazards associated with their use.

However, keep in mind that they will not give you sun protection, and you will still need to wear a high factor sunscreen.

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