Green Mark Certificate – A Rating System For Building


The earth is equipped with natural resources. Humans, in their greed, use natural resources for their benefit without thinking about the future and environmental pollution. With the increasing awareness, more and more countries and citizens are taking steps to save the environment against pollution. One such step is green mark certification.

What is Green Mark Certification?

Green mark certification is an initiative to rate the buildings based on their impact on the environment. It is a step toward sustainable development. It provides the guidelines for evaluating the environmental performance of the new and existing buildings. This includes the efficiency of water, electricity, indoor environment and sustainable management. More and more green buildings are to be made to reduce environmental harm.

The necessity of a Green mark certificate

A green mark certificate is made mandatory for all the buildings, whether new or existing, in Singapore. It is valid for 3 years. It compels the engineers and architects to build green buildings through proper planning and execution.

Advantages of Green mark certification

  1. Green buildings operate by saving more and more energy and have a low operating system.
  2. Green buildings have an attractive outer appearance.
  3. The building is accredited by the government.
  4. Green buildings help curtail particulate matter and pollution.


With the growing population and depleting natural resources, it is high time that we should think about the environment and sustainable development. Green buildings are needed for the future. Several companies are working on the development of new technology that causes less harm to the environment.

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